I truly enjoy people watching. I find humans fascinating, and their behavior in public places is always revelatory. Their words and actions represent the entire spectrum of humanity. We get to see humans fight, love, play.. and, we see the natural tendencies of the human need to belong.

The result of this particular desire comes in many forms. Some people completely change their behavior, clothing, appearance to belong. Some people rebel against belonging to one group, only to search for another tribe to join. There is often a lot of trauma and sacrifice around and caused by this particular need.

The most important thing I have learned in the last decade (or so) is that we can belong, we can be part of a tribe, we can join a community, no matter who we are. If we choose to be true to ourselves, people will accept us for that. Certainly, there might be that minority who reject us, but the effort to be loved by the few who don’t really matter, is simply not worth it.

Today’s advice may appear easy, but it will require us to stop adjusting, to stop attempting to conform, to stop changing ourselves for others.

Always be YOU!


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Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, UK

one unperspective

Cliche: “Actions speak louder than words.”

unperspective: Your actions expose who you really are, but that does not minimize or soften your words. The words you choose to use reveal the commitments you are willing to make. Your integrity and character are key to your reputation, and direct your actions. Words lead to deeds.

new perspective: Actions show a commitment of words.

interesting and unexpected perspective

For a long time, we’ve been told aspartame will “cause cancer”. The WHO posted their research, and it found a “possibility”. And then, news outlets and social media decided to hate on aspartame and twist the science into reporting of science.
It is important to know the science. Follow this podcast and instagram for more actual facts and truth.

two+ recent blogs

A Cup of Coffee – from start to finish

Is It Really All About You?

Make things!

one extraordinary interview

Between last month’s newsletter and this, I attended the National Speakers Association annual conference. I caught up with friends, acquaintances, and met more extraordinary people. This inspired me to rejuvenate my URXO (you are extraordinary) brand, and this month, you get to be the first to see that in action.

Marissa Jablonski, URXO!

“It’s only after you change your own actions that you can influence your families and then your neighborhoods, and then your workplace, and then your city, your state, country, and the world.”

Marissa Jablonski, PhD

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